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Today’s Entrances Designed with Tomorrow in Mind

Nabtesco is well known in the world as a manufacturer of NABCO automatic doors.
We aim to create comprehensive operating systems for automatic doors that are comfort to use for everyone.
Our control technology makes urban life more convenient ranging from automatic doors to industrial door systems and platform screen doors that provide enhanced comfort and a sense of security in the platform.

Since launching as Japan’s first manufacturer of automatic doors in 1956, NABCO has consistently been a brand leader in this filed, supplying various types of automatic doors such as the airtight door, heat-proof and radiation shielding doors for specialized industrial application as well as regular doors.
Also, NABCO’s automatic doors are widely found at the remarkable landmarks throughout the world, based upon
reliable performance and the rich know-how. In 2013, the accumulated total units of our production reached 2,000,000.




Sliding Door Operating Unit  Optimal solution for various type of entrances such as stores, office buildings, airports, hospitals and luxury ...
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DS-D2 Telescopic Door Operating Unit Wider opening is secured compared with standard sliding door and equipped with door operating unit ...
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Circular Sliding Door Operating Unit Eu Beautiful circular form creates grace and luxury atmosphere to the entrance and fascinates the ...
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Swing Door Operating Unit When no door cases are available at your facility, swing doors help you solve the problem ...
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Wide-open / Breakout

WO-3A Wide-open Door Operating Unit WO-3A Wide-open Door Operating Unit provides optimal solution to the entrance such as exhibition center ...
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MINI FOLD  - Folding door MINI GLIDE  - Glide-sliding door MINI FOLD is the automatic folding door without the door ...
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Air tight

Air tight

NAT DOOR - Air tight door NAT DOOR is the automatic sliding door with the air-tight function. When the door ...
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