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  • The D-2008SP Digital Mixing Processor Unit is designed to have up to 32 audio inputs and outputs in total, and to be mounted in an EIA standard equipment rack (3U size).
  • A built-in powerful signal processing function permits the unit to be used as both a mixer and a signal processor. Its audio input/output and control ports can accept optional plug-in modules, making the unit have a maximum of 32 inputs or 32 outputs and up to 2 control modules.
  • Using the following optional modules enables the unit to perform their functions: Two D-983s for providing a maximum of 48 contact inputs and 32 contact outputs, D-984VC for VCA control, and D-2000CB for audio data transfer between multiple D-2008SP units.
  • Each function is set by the dedicated setting software on a PC. Setting contents can be stored in the unit’s internal memory as preset memory, which can be recalled by the D-2008SP without using a PC. The D-2012C, when connected, remotely controls the D-2008SP’s basic operations such as volume control.