Posted 2015-01-23

KDK launches new Remote Controlled Wall Fan and Semi Antique type Ceiling Fan


  •  Model M40M, a 16” 3-speed remote controlled Wall fan for greater connivance to its customers, with an oscillation of 5 times per minute (Sri Lanka Standards requirements). The transparent blade and black body gives it the ideal look for use at homes, offices and also for that perfect balanced ventilation in marquees. Power consumption is between a 51 watts and 57 watts, while air delivery is 2,225 Cu.ft /min.
M40M Black w Remote 500

Remote Controlled Wall Fan M40M

  •  Model N56YG, 56” 5-speed semi antique ceiling fan in a dark brown body. The fan has Power consumption is between 12 watts and 52 watts while air velocity is 6,887 Cu.ft /min.-  Decorative nature makes it ideally suite for living rooms and and halls.
N56YG 400

Semi Antique type Ceiling Fan N56YG